Founded in 2017, we are a new non-profit organization of former prosecutors, private defense attorneys, public defenders, and non-lawyers who want to spread awareness about prosecutorial discretion and its role in the cause and cure of mass incarceration. 


Our Mission

At present, organizations and coalitions are seeking to address the school-to-prison pipeline, police tactics and strategy, criminal laws, sentencing and mandatory minimums, employment and other collateral consequences of convictions, and reintegration of released prisoners. The missing links, however, between arrest and jail are the daily, incremental decisions made by front-line prosecutors, often junior lawyers in their 20s.

We want to change the culture of prosecution to curb and eventually end mass incarceration.

Few people in the criminal justice system are as powerful, or as central to prison growth, as the prosecutor
— Prof. John F. Ffaff, Locked In

Our goals

  • Educate lawyers and non-lawyers about criminal justice reform broadly.
  • Offer Continuing Legal Education (CLE) to lawyers interested in criminal justice reform and election laws governing local prosecutor elections.
  • Encouraging a data-driven culture of prosecution.
  • Fostering a "rehabilitation and restoration" culture in the public at large
  • Identifying unaddressed collateral consequences of convictions.
  • Creating a culture of accountability, not fear, for local prosecutors.
  • Decreasing the rate of incarceration, county by county, city by city.